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Pehrs morStina Fredrika Malmsten f.

Nils Persson Malmsten f var? Modern var Stina Fredrika Malmsten f. Hennes mor hette Margareta Larsdotter.

What you can see and do in My page Events By clicking on the application that is awaiting a decision you can see when certain events in your case took place. For instance, you can see when your application was registered and when we have requested more information. Regis­tered appli­ca­tion You may have to wait a few days after you have applied before you can see that your application is registered. However, the date of registration is the same day as the date on which your application was received by the Swedish Migration Agency or the Embassy, regardless of whether you applied online or through a paper application. Request for addi­tional infor­ma­tion If we have contacted you because we need further information, you can see the date when we requested the information from you.

Jag har en muntlig uppgift om att hon var mejerska. Laurits Mogensen Blix.

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Would you have any detailed information about Anders and Catrina? I am also interested to know if there might be any history of ancestors of Nils Olofson.

Johnson, Jr. Lisa Olofsdotter dating sweden undersåker som vuxen och gift med Sven Jakobsson f. Min tippoldefar var: Dating sweden undersåker Halvorsen, f. He emigrated to Trondheim and married in He was a small trader.

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I am trying to locate his place of origin in Jamtland, and was wondering how common the surname "Hache" some times spelled "Hage" was, and if it might be a clue to the parish of birth. Svar 1 Mars Arve. Det foreligger bla. Her nevnes en del brukere i Nes Tennes.

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En av disse er ganske sikkert Hans sin far. Setsaas j.

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  3. Проклиная себя за то, что не забрала у Стратмора «беретту», она пыталась вспомнить, где осталось оружие - у него или же в Третьем узле.
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Hjertelig takk begge to! Arve Rye, Brandbu, Norge. Gifta Bosatta i Stavre, Ljustorp. Barn Gertrud f. If you can find some of my relations from there it would be greatly appreciated. John Johan Olsson Fahlin b. June 7, in Hede, Jamtland, Sweden. He married Maria Larsdotter.

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Don't know if it was in the US or not. His children include: Christine b.

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September 22, in Minnesota, Johanna Maline b. March 8, in Minnesota. They are from Sveg, Jamtland, Sweden. They were born in the 's and they marired in MN in I believe that Anna may have remarried to Jens Fahlin who had children but they were all born in the U. The only other way to skattkärr göra på dejt my connection is that if one of their children- Ole perhaps had Jens and his siblings.

Dating sweden undersåker eller stuga önskas hyra på obegränsad rid. If that is the case then I'm following the wrong line.

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Have I confused you yet? I'm sorry if I have. I know it was common that if something happened to a brother, the widow was married to another borther to keep her safe and secure financially or something.

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Have come across it a lot. If any of this helps, great. If I'm totally lost let me know, it wouldn't surprise me. Enligt artikeln var Ingas far, Per Persson f.

Og Oskar ble oppvokst i Narvik. Svar 18 Feb Hei Henny. Find a postcode or an address in Sweden Takk for svaret.

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Jag har kontakt med etterkommere etter Gjertine. Sedan i obefintlighetsregistret. Han dog i maj i Florida, troligen Miami. Any help wopuld be much appreciated and a wonderful Christmas present for many of my relatives. Svar 28 Nov I found them in the emigration database in Trondheim, Norway.

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Jonas whas born inEmma in and Astrid in I found them on side I'm trying to find out information of who their parents and grandparents were, and in which years they were born. Since it appears this part of Sweden has not yet been completely digitalized, I am having problems making any connections on various search sites, nor can I find anyone else researching my family. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jenny Hallick.

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Svar 13 Dec Hi Jenny! I can help you with Jons parents and his grandparents. But i have not found Katarinas parents yet. Site Navigation You can contact me on this e-mail.

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Agneta Prestberg, E-post: aou. Carl Jonas Jakobsson, b. Agnes Jacobsdotter, b. Anna Jacobsdotter, b. Catarina Jacobsdotter, b. Best regards Suss Holmin. Svar 28 Mars Hi Jenny Hallick! I am great,great grandshild to Jon Nilsson. My grandmother was Martha born I am planning a relativmeeting and are looking descendents to Jon and Katarina.

Но Бринкерхофф не ответил, лишившись дара речи. То, что он увидел, невозможно было себе представить. Стеклянный купол словно наполнился то и дело вспыхивающими огнями и бурлящими клубами пара. Бринкерхофф стоял точно завороженный и, не в силах унять дрожь, стукался лбом о стекло.

He had three daughters and two sons. UllaBritt Soderholm, e-mail; ullabritt. Var bodde dom? Denna information fanns: Post Lindgren, Anders arb.

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