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His research focuses on the performativity of scientometric indicators as well as on the theory, methodology and research policy aspects of the scholarly publication in scientific practice using a science and technology studies STS perspective.

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Here his focus of interest is directed towards evaluation of ljungbyholm dejta relevance such as professional impact, i. Brief professional sketch In my research, I am contributing to a quantitative branch in theory of science broadly defined as Science, Technology Studies, STS where the focus on scientific practice, directed towards the scientometric study of publications, research activities and networks of scientific culture. Chairperson at the disputation proceedings was Mats Fridlund at Aalto University, Finland, who was also acting supervisor together with Margareta Hallberg, University of Gothenburg who was primary supervisor for the thesis.

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In the analysis of internal scientific debates drawing on controversy studies and in studying the development of research fields and discipline-building, I argue that citation analyses of individual researchers publication patterns is a set of variables that the theorist of science can draw on to identify important aspects of research, which has largely been neglected within STS during the later years where qualitative studies has been preferred.

At the same time, researchers are becoming increasingly aware of the use of bibliometrics to evaluate research and to allocate funding. In doing this I aim to take the practice gustafs dating site within science studies a step away from the laboratory to also look at publishing as a distinct material practice with its specific cultural practices.

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Presently I am employed as a senior lecturer in Library and Information science at the University of Borås where I am teaching in the area of Informetrics bibliometrics, scientometrics and webometrics theory of science and digital methods.

Presently I lead a Work Package in the Horizon financed project Data for Impactwhich is a gustafs dating site between research groups from many European countries.

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Earlier, I was doing research in The co-production of social science and society: the case of Happiness studiesPI Margareta Hallberg, Theory of Science, University of Gothenburg, financed by the Swedish Research Counsil Vetenskapsrådettogether with Christopher Kullenberg, mapping the research area and visualizing aspects of the developments within the field.

Recently I was invited speaker at an international workshop on ' Best Practices ' in bibliometrics, organized by The Association of Swedish Higher Education, followed by a two day course on bibliometrics for practitioners at the universities and the corporate sector.

Some years ago I gave two talks on perspectives on the use of bibliometrics for research policy in Sweden.

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