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Fulfilling such objective in the regions of resource-poor settings or for age groups with more vulnerability to infectious agents demands immediate actions. This has necessitated novel ways of rapid and ultra-sensitive diagnostics to provide compact and affordable systems, e.

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The fabrication methods for the miniaturization of features and components are often complicated and expensive, the commonly used materials are typically not adaptable to industrial settings, and the sensing mechanisms are sometimes not sensitive enough for the detection of lowly-concentrated single i kil.

In this thesis, new methods of ultra-miniaturization, as well as conventional cleanroom-based techniques, for nanopatterning of well-defined topographies in off-stoichiometry thiol-ene- epoxy polymers are presented.

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In addition, their use for several sensing applications has been demonstrated. The second part of the thesis presents a technical background about the prevalent methods of polymer micro- and nanofabrication, implementation of the resulting polymer structures for different sensing applications, along with the existing challenges and shortcomings associated with state of the art.

The third part of the thesis kvinna söker man hällefors e-beam nanostructuring of thiol-ene resist, for the first time, achieving the smallest and densest features reported in these polymer networks.

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The thiol-ene-based polymer also represents a novel class of e-beam resist resulting in structures with reactive surface nature. The fourth part of the thesis demonstrates the use of thiol-ene-epoxy systems for nanoimprint lithography and further shows the structuring of high-aspect-ratio and hierarchical topologies via single-step UV-NIL.

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The fifth part of the thesis introduces Micro- and NanoRIM platforms for scalable and off-cleanroom manufacturing of microfluidic devices and nanostructuring of materials in thiol-ene -epoxy systems.

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