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Thanks to the Nya Karolinska Solna project, Karolinska University Hospital has a new building in Solna, combining ultra-modern teaching and research facilities with highly specialized patient care. The project is the largest ever for Swedish development and construction group Skanska.

Landmark on a mission – Nya Karolinska Solna project

The new hospital was to be located next to the Karolinska Institute medical university, which would introduce new synergies between research, teaching and patient care and propel the healthcare sector onward to meet the challenges of the 21st century. As the single most important part of this vision, all aspects of the new hospital were to be state-of-the-art.

solna dating site

This meant everything from designing natural meeting spots where people from different fields could collaborate to having the buildings meet strict environmental criteria and adaptability requirements to accommodate to ever evolving needs over time.

Both the building and the activities within it needed to be designed in a way that puts the patient first.

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Despite the immense scale of the undertaking, the project has proceeded on schedule. Skanska Healthcare is a subsidiary of the group and is responsible for the construction and operation of the hospital until as part of a public-private partnership agreement. This is no small feat for a project spanning several years and several buildings, covering a total ofm2 of floor space.

solna dating site

The new wing follows other parts of the complex that have already been completed, including the parking garage, and the technical building. The remainder of the hospital is set to be fully operational in Environmental gold The new hospital will be at the forefront of environmental sustainability.

solna dating site

Mellbystrand mötesplatser för äldre covers all aspects of the hospital from design of amenities and waste management to energy use. The district will supply remaining electricity in such a way that electricity, heating and cooling will consist of at least 98 percent renewable energy and a low carbon footprint.

This will make NKS one of the premier hospitals in environmental sustainability, a valuable feature that will also be earning its own environmental certificates.

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Going with precast Medical care within Karolinska University Hospital will solna dating site organized thematically, and the themes will form the basis for the various activities and functions within the facility. This sets special requirements for the building. Heavy health care equipment needs to be moved around the building and placed flexibly where needed, and the helipad on the roof must not transmit undue vibration to the building.

solna dating site

The rooms, too, must meet a wide variety of functional requirements: the ceilings must be of uniform solna dating site and the floors need to sustain equal amounts of weight. With all these factors taken into account, precast emerged as the most viable building material.

Although precast proved the winner, the properties of precast remain to be important aspects of the design process. Cross-functional teamwork really looks to be the work model of the future. Leaders around the world have made LEED the most widely used third-party verification for green buildings, with around 1.

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Projects pursuing LEED certification earn points across several areas that address sustainability issues. They use less water and energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

solna dating site

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