There are 2 km from one accommodation to another, and both of them belong to the City Council of Valdoviño, eminentemente turístico polo which is mostly a tourist place due to its environment. . This council is related to the region of Ferrol, an extraordinary place referring to natural and cultural resources. In fact, the accommodations are halfway through the coast and the inland. On the one hand, there are perfect beaches for practising surf and other nautical sports near the sands of Frouxeira and Pantín, Actually, the Pantín Classic, which is held every year, is a competition that scores for the world surfing championship.

On the other hand, there are some beautiful seacities just fifteen minutes by carsuch as Cedeira, Mugardos, Ares... where you can taste delicious sea products. Those who prefer the mountain can enjoy themountains of O Forgoselo, where in July it is held the traditional “rapa das bestas (crop of the beasts), or also, just 15 km away, we can discover the road to Santo André de Teixido, and its sanctuary, one of the most important pilgrimage points of Galicia where we can find the highest cliffs in Europe and amazing sights over the ocean. And in less than ten minutes you can reach the city ofFerrol, a gem of The Enlightenment with the neighbourhood of the Magdalena, which was declared historic monument and actually has an intense cultural life, protected areas and quite long beaches perfect for sea sports lovers.