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Will refrain desperate housewives dating good idea

Bill Burr - The Real Housewives / Dating Apps

The third season of the American dramedy-mystery television series Desperate Housewives commenced airing on ABC in the United States on September 24, and concluded on May 20, The season continues the story of the Wisteria Lane residents, describing their lives in the suburban neighborhood, while dealing with the arrival of the mysterious Orson Hodge. Broadcast in the Sunday night timeslot at 9: In addition, two clip shows were produced for the season, in order to put the previous events of the show in perspective. The season received positive reviews, most critics noting an improvement in the writing after the unsuccessful second season.

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Later, Lynette promises Tom that she will support him irrespective of the job he opts for. Gabrielle meets John Rowland during her spa vacation and has sex with him.

Susan and Ian plan a weekend away in a cottage where they begin arguing frequently but eventually end up having sex. Edie Britt warns Julie to stay away from Austin after she asks him to help her fix the fuse box.

Edie visits Mike to take back her CD player and finds Mike awake from his coma. Gabrielle's attempt to prevent Carlos from moving back into the house during the divorce proceedings ultimate results in her being arrested. Lynette bribes the pitcher and eventually the coach of Parker's baseball team to prevent him from quitting. Bree tries to cover the fact that Andrew was living on the streets by lying that he went to "drama camp".

Orson eventually learns that Andrew had resorted to prostitution for money. Bree finds out that Danielle is sleeping with her history teacher, Mr. The word of Mike's recovery spreads on Wisteria Lane, but Susan does not find out as she is in a mountain cabin with Ian, away from cellphone reception.

Edie tries to steal Mike from Susan by lying about their relationship when she finds out he is suffering from temporary amnesia. Susan kidnaps Mike when Edie continues to lie about his relationship with her but Mike still does not trust her. Danielle attempts suicide with a spoon after Bree tries to sabotage her affair with Mr. Gabrielle tries to hurt Carlos by faking "sex" with her new date. Tom tells Lynette of his plans to open a pizzeria, much to Lynette's shock.

Nora plots to sabotage Tom and Lynette's relationship to her advantage. Austin fools Julie into writing his English homework while he makes out with her friend, Sarah. Detective Ridley finds a phone number written on the corpse's hand which leads them to Mike Delfino Plumbing Services. Susan gets back with Ian when she learns Edie had sex with Mike. Nora kisses Tom to fool him into leaving Lynette as she does not support his "pizza parlor" dream, but her plan backfires when Lynette threatens her.

Gabrielle pushes Carlos out a window after he fools her into having sex with her for financial gains after the divorce. Bree arranges a couples dinner with the Bigsby's leading Bree to learn about Orson's past of domestic violence and Orson to find out about Harvey Bigsby's affair with Monique Polier.

Later, Orson informs the police about Harvey's affair. Detective Ridley questions Mike about Monique's murder but Mike tells them he does not remember her. Later, Mike gets flashbacks of Monique, indicating he knew her. Orson explains his motive of domestic violence to Bree. Carolyn kills Nora and shoots Lynette before Austin wrestles her to the ground, leaving one of the hostages the opportunity to kill Carolyn. Meanwhile, Susan tries to exchange places with Julie. Gabrielle and Carlos promise to keep their differences aside and live happily if not together.

Detective Ridley is eager to search Mike's home when he is discharged from the hospital but does not find a toolbox in his premises. Lynette bakes a "Thank You" cake for the new neighbor, Art Shepherd for saving her life, but soon finds out that he may be a pedophile. Bree tries to contact Orson's mother, Gloria Hodge, and allows her to move in despite Orson's resistance.

Gloria threatens to reveal Orson's secret if he tries to send her back to the nursing home. Gabrielle returns to modeling, but doesn't last long. Susan seeks Karl's help to set boundaries for Julie and Austin who start dating after the supermarket incident. Gabrielle begins coaching young girls for a beauty pageant but causes controversy with their parents after teaching the girls ill weight loss methods.

Susan tries to befriend Ian's butler, Rupert Cavanaugh, to vain after she moves some of her stuff in his house. Carlos moves in with Mike.

Lynette unsuccessfully tries to turn Art in to the police as a pedophile. Gloria steals liquor with help from Andrew and eventually reveals to Bree that Monique Polier was having a double affair with Orson and Harvey while Orson was married. Bree feels shocked and betrayed and asks Orson to move out of her house. Mike tries to hide the acquired toolbox only to find Detective Ridley waiting for him in the shadows.

Susan asks Bree to prepare a homecooked meal for Ian's parents but Bree refuses after she and Susan fight over Orson's innocence. Edie splits up with Mike when he is sent to jail for Monique's murder. Susan tries to help Mike by breaking into Orson's office and finds crucial evidence that might prove Orson is hiding something. Orson reveals some of the facts about his affair to Bree which causes her to take him back and throw Gloria out.

Gabrielle destroys a friendship between two girls in order to date Bill, one of their fathers. Lynette ignites a "No pedophile" strike against Art which causes his sister to die of cardiac arrest. Art later threatens to resort to his pedophilia emotions now that his sister is dead. Gloria plans a late-night meeting with Alma. Alma buys a house from Edie on Wisteria Lane, meets Bree and reveals the mystery surrounding her disappearance.

Susan meets Mike one last time to tell him that Ian won't allow her to see him again. Mike meets Paul Young in prison but he doesn't remember him. Gabrielle receives an anonymous bouquet while on a date with Bill and thinks the mystery guy is Carlos. Lynette tries to mend her relationship with Kayla but finds out she blames her for Nora's death. Bree tries to shame Susan by inviting her to see Alma at a dinner party indicating that Susan's suspicion about Orson was wrong.

Things get even messier when Susan calls Detective Ridley and tells him about Orson's affair with Monique causing Bree to break her friendship with Susan. Julie decides whether to let Austin go for "third base" while he has an affair with Danielle. Tom and Lynette clash over decision making for the pizzeria which results in Lynette finding out about a number of problems the pizzeria is facing.

After receiving more gifts, Gabrielle learns that her secret admirer, or stalker, is none other than Zach Young.

Desperate Housewives

Susan's butts heads with Edie because she provided contraceptive pills to Julie and Austin so that they can have sex. Both of them later catch Austin and Danielle making out.

Paul Young provides a helping hand when Mike gets attacked by a couple of prisoners. Bree later finds a photo of Orson and Monique and a bag full of teeth under one of Alma's floorboards.

Susan visits Jane in the hospital when Ian is away on business only to watch her die.

Desperate housewives dating

Susan also learns about Jane's affair and decides to stay away from Mike to protect her relationship with Ian. Lynette initially tries to stall from returning to her workplace but eventually quits when she feels she wants to work with Tom in the pizzeria.

Mike clashes with Paul which results in Paul asking him to bring Zach to come and talk to him. Zach meets Paul but refuses to help him. Gabrielle spends time with Zach in return for money to bail Mike out of jail on Susan's behalf but soon learns Zach is just lonely and uses money to make friends. Gloria who intends to have a grandchild asks Alma to rape Orson when he is drugged but Bree finds him naked with her. Ian proposes to Susan at Jane's funeral but she postpones the offer.

Tom and Lynette face further problems in decision making when Edie begs Tom to let Austin work at the pizzeria. Orson explains the truth about Monique's death to Bree and Bree asks him to confess to the police. Later, Bree gets injured in a mysterious accident which makes Andrew believe Orson is responsible.

Gloria locks Alma in a room. Annoyed by Gabrielle's disinterest in him, Zach threatens Gabrielle's boyfriend to dump her. Mike's memories return when he visits a hypnotherapist and finds out that he didn't kill Monique but had instead met Orson at her house the day she died. He confronts Orson which results in a fight causing Orson to fall off the hospital's roof. It is revealed that Gloria killed Monique and removed her teeth before burying her body with Orson's help, much to Orson's reluctance.

Bree and Susan reconcile. Lynette's in trouble with Tom when they don't have enough chairs for the pizzeria's grand opening. Ian proposes to Susan at the grand opening when he finds out Mike had an engraved ring for Susan the night of the accident. Zach tries to convince Gabrielle they had sex when she was drunk but she doesn't remember. Gabrielle asks Carlos to threaten Zach but he ends up finding out that they did not have sex. Andrew asks Danielle to babysit Bree but she runs off to the opening with her friends asking Gloria to stay and take care of her instead.

Desperate Dating Service

Gloria intends to poison and then murder Bree to make it look like a suicide but Orson walks in when she is about to commit the crime. Orson permanently paralyzes Gloria when he finds out she killed his father. Alma falls from her roof and dies while escaping. Steven Culp narrates this episode as the late Rex Van de Kamp. Bree and Orson are about to leave for their honeymoon as Danielle tells them she is pregnant with Austin's child.

Austin apologizes to Julie who gives him a second chance but he is forced by Andrew to leave Fairview after he learns about the pregnancy. Ian presents Susan a ring which she takes to get resized and runs into Mike who is selling "his" ring. Mike and Orson make a deal to keep each other's secrets safe. Tom tries to make a nice romantic gesture for Lynette on their ninth anniversary, but fails miserably.

Desperate housewives online dating

Victor Lang, a candidate running for Mayor of Fairview flirts with Gabrielle. Carlos gets distracted on his date when he finds Edie's son Travers on the road. Mike and Ian bet on Susan at a game of poker but Ian wins preventing Mike from seeing her again. Susan clashes with Ian's parents when they ask her to sign a prenuptial agreement stating she will not get hold of the estate and money if she divorces Ian in the future but she refuses.

Susan later learns Graham, Ian's father has a habit of dressing up like a woman and she uses this to blackmail him into not letting her sign the pre-nup. Lynette is devastated when she finds an unconscious Tom on the floor in the pizzeria and finds out he will be unable to work for minimum three months because of a ruptured disc.

Gabrielle "borrows" some of Victor's ex-wife's clothes after her closet is ruined but runs into his ex-wife at a party who demands her clothes back. Edie tries to seduce Carlos but he gets angry at her for not being a committing mother or woman but later he has sex with her when she agrees to change.

Tom's crankiness takes a toll on Lynette for hiring a former drug addict and sous-chef, Rick Colleti to work at the pizzeria as well as Mrs.

McCluskey who quits her babysitting job. Edie and Carlos have sex again to prove they are not "bad in bed" and plan to take their relationship to the "family" level.

Victor confesses he's in love with Gabrielle when she tries to make him jealous. Susan and Ian contemplate moving permanently to London after Ian thinks Mike will always be around them in Fairview.

Mike quits his hypnotherapy sessions because he feels it reminds him of his love for Susan and comes to Susan and Ian's rescue when their car falls into a lake. Later, he kisses her when she gives him a "thank you" gift causing Susan to doubt her loyalty for Ian.

Tom calls to apologize to Mrs. McCluskey who later reveals she has frozen her husband, Gilbert's, body in the basement freezer. Susan tries to set up Mike with her wedding designer to prevent awkwardness from the kiss but he bails on her plan. Susan, Mike and Ian get in an argument, which results in Susan calling off the wedding when she finds out both men bet on her in a poker game.

Lynette decides to add some of Rick's delicacies to the menu, much to Tom's dismay. Later, she listens to Rick's advice over Tom's. Victor gets blackmailed when he is caught having sex with Gabrielle on camera, which causes him to lose points in the polls. Seeing this, Gabrielle tells the media that they are engaged. Edie and Carlos hide their relationship from people, but Edie discovers that Carlos is doing this because he is still in love with Gabrielle.

McCluskey swears Parker into secrecy when he discovers Gilbert's body, but she is sent to prison when Ida also comes across it. Gabrielle is unhappy when she learns about Edie's relationship with Carlos and asks Susan and Lynette to give her the cold shoulder but realizes that Carlos is still in love with her and is not serious about Edie.

Susan is forced to pour out her feelings to a court-ordered therapist over her choice between Mike and Ian but she gets rejected by both of them who leave for a hot-spring hike and England, respectively. McCluskey reveals that she froze Gilbert's dead body so that she could cash in his pension checks, which would otherwise have gone to his first wife after his death.

Lynette lies to Tom to spend time with Rick at the pizzeria late one night, but causes a rift when Kayla tells Tom that maybe Lynette "likes likes" Rick. Susan gets lost in the woods when she tries to follow Mike to the hot springs by hiking with a rude and demeaning guide but Mike finds her.

After a robbery, during which Rick and Lynette were locked in the pizzeria freezer, Tom tries to force Rick to quit so that he doesn't spoil his marriage, but Rick refuses. Lynette, however, fires him when he tells her that he has feelings for her. Edie decides to fight for joint custody for Travers to force Carlos to be around her but lets it go when Carlos reminds her that Travers needs a stable life.

Gabrielle decides to teach a cop a lesson when he calls her a "bitch" but it backfires when she gets arrested. Victor blames her for humiliating him, but later sends two goons to attack the cop when he finds out he twisted Gabrielle's wrist. Tom tries to make Lynette talk to a marriage counselor without her knowledge but they get into a fight when Tom suspects Lynette has feelings for Rick.

Susan's plans for having the wedding with a different groom go horribly wrong when she finds out Gabrielle stole all her wedding ideas. They get into a fight and resolve it by deciding to have a double wedding. Victor refuses by saying he doesn't want an ex-convict like Mike to be at his wedding.

Edie talks to Mrs.


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