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Dating in the age of technology has given single folks plenty of tools to help them find whatever it is they're after — whether it's a casual hookup or something more serious. From dating apps that instantly connect you with singles in your area to features like FaceTime that let you see your love interest without having to be in the same place, there's no shortage of ways to step up your dating game in the digital age. However, there are some facets of virtual communication that aren't as straightforward when it comes to utilizing them to forge a connection. Specifically, we're talking about the use of emojis. With so many different options to choose from, how many is too many to use when you're trying to flirt with a woman you're interested in? Which ones are considered sexy when used the right way, and which ones are just plain cheesy?

Look at those dance moves!

I bought a new dress, got a haircut, and shaved my legs—I'm ready to rock the dance floor and party! I had such a good time—hope we can stay out all night next time. To tell your friends if that guy you met over the weekend is well-endowed. Or just to talk about penises in general via text. The Rock is so dreamy.

I bet he has a great too. If you're not using this emoji to share some love, consider pairing it with an eggplant emoji to depict heterosexual intercourse.

To compliment someone's toned backside or draw attention to your own. You didn't do those squats for nothing. I need to start going to barre class with you!

You're in the mood for a romp in the sheets and that romp would ideally include oral sex. Again, if you feel like this emoji is more representative of your behind, go ahead and use it.

While the eggplant — and cactus — emoji abound when talking about penises, what can we use if we want to talk about female genitals? We may never get back that butt cheek definition afforded by the classic peach emoji, but the broken heart could certainly be interpreted as two rather distinct cheeks.

Too shy to talk about oral sex?

The lollipop emoji could work a treat in getting the message across. Thank you, Unicode, for the gift of the hot dog emoji.

How to Flirt Using Emojis

This is patently both phallic and vulvic. But the two buns could also act as a rather tenuous butt metaphor too. When your booty is pear-shaped, an apple just won't work. Crack out the pear emoji when chatting about your behind.

The All-Time Sexiest Emojis—and What They Really Mean

Depending on how much you like Mexican food, this vulvic creation could be a dream-come-true or your very worst nightmare. We're using cookies to improve your experience. Stacy, 31 , says that striking the right balance is key for effective emoji flirting. Make sure that not every message includes an emoji.

Lets hook up emoji

Every three or four messages is a nice sweet spot. Only use an emoji when it feels natural to you. As far as which emojis to use, I would advise focusing on the use of the various faces in order to help express emotion.

Jamoji Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Instructions and Review (Apple Emoji Speaker)

The rest of the random emojis are okay, but only when used in moderation. For Abigail, 36, using emojis in a creative way is what really gets her when texting with a guy she likes. He's a Leo and that was his way of saying 'hello' that day. I loved that he did that instead of using a regular smiling emoji.


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