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Social experiment dating sites final, sorry

30 vs 1: Dating App In Real Life

By Phoebe Jackson-edwards For Mailonline. A single man who was fed up of having bad luck on dating sites has revealed how he posed as a woman to find out what it's like for the opposite sex. To stage the experiment, Sy Thomas, 36, from London, underwent a makeover - complete with feminine clothes, a wig and full make-up - to pose as a woman and to his shock he received more than messages in three days. But the comedian was shocked to realise he was at the receiving end of the wrong kind of attention as he was inundated with sleazy come-ons and cheesy pick-up lines from strange men. Sy Thomas posed as a woman to find out what it's like for the opposite sex to go online dating.

Sy took her new outfit for a spin outside to create a variety of pictures for the profile, posing with a coffee cup. Sy was bemused right to receive so many off-colour messages including many that were outright X-rated. One crude opener started off harmless enough. There were plenty more steamy messages. One direct man wrote: While another was slightly more complimentary and wrote 'damn girl' with a winking face. Because you're smoking hot and I want to stick your butt in my mouth.

Simone's dating app profile had her age at 28 and a picture of Sy following his makeover. Amid the deluge of filth, one suitor actually left Sy impressed when he wrote: One went for insulting, possibly as a way of getting Simone's attention, and wrote: While another went on the charm offensive and sent Simone: One went for a very brief introduction and posted: Sy was shocked right by some of the filthy responses left he received from online suitors.

At the end of his experience Sy said many of the openers were something noone would 'say to someone in a bar' and he preferred the genuine messages. But Sy was confused by one down with the kids sender who wrote: At the end of his experience, Sy told the camera: Monday, Feb 25th 5-Day Forecast.

30 vs 1: Dating App In Real Life

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Life in plastic - not so fantastic! Rachel Weisz leads the worst-dressed stars on the red carpet at the I had gone onto Instagram and picked a handful of pictures from a certain HB's profile, making sure I picked a hot one. I created a very detailed, and as close to accurate a girl's profile I could make, and within sheer SECONDS after having uploaded my images and finished creating my profile, a bucketload of messages appeared in my inbox.

These messages were straight away not amusing, and a foreshadow of the messages about to come.

Social experiment dating sites

Image of the Profile The Control Link to the image if you want to look at it closer: I know I can make you have a good time '. These emails were pretty much the regular. A flowing stream of messages from desperate, needy, and horny guys would appear as quickly as me refreshing the page. Needless to say, none of them got replies. A few were well-written, and those deserved my replies.

Sadly for them, the conversations would end when they escalated to asking for my Facebook as obviously I didn't have a female one. Out of men whose messages I would receive, I would say a good 5 of them were actually decent and worth replying.

I was becoming the hot girl. I had the power to choose who I wanted within the palm of my hands.

After a week since the creation of the profile, it all began to be really tiring. The messages I would regularly receive were always from a demographic of three categories of men: None of these ever got a reply Here is one message conversation I saved from a 2 guy as aforementioned: Note his uncannily seductive choice of words.

At this point, after the usual checking of my inbox which received its highest traffic one day with 34 new messages , changing the profile picture to lure more beta men, and the occasional responding to the decent guys which was very few and far in between , I was getting really tired of this repetitiveness.

The ratio of men to women on OD sites was astonishingly polar. There is no real accurate number, but based on observations and estimates, I would say the male-to-female ratio was around a shocking The experiment shed some clear light that hot women are a commodity in the OD industry.

If you have the looks, you will be sought after. Likewise goes for men. Online dating is Good-Looking-Guy Game; only the 'genetically lucky' will get messaged back from girls. Given the unbalanced gender ratio on OD sites, women are the choosers , while men are the chosen. One has to really fucking stand out if they want to score so much as even a reply from an HB.

This all ties in hand-in-hand with pickup. Living in abundance, having women lined up for you to choose from YOU are in the power seat. You are achieving results almost no other guy on shady and gloomy OD sites are getting.

Give yourself a pat on the back. Sarge on, bro bros. Last edited by NotEvenKiddingBro; at I remember using a picture of brad pitt topless on a beach when I was younger on a fake od profile.

This was kinda interesting. Share Share this post on Digg Del. Why did I read all of this lol. Nice experimenting although it wasn't very controlled with consistent variables nice conclusion. It's funny seeing the needy message from Beta Male 1. I agree with this thread completely and just watching the show Catfish makes me not want to join online dating ever again. I have a troll female profile that i visit time to time. Females hold all the power on those sites.

Single man poses as a WOMAN in online dating experiment

I got many "beta" messages that made my cringe. The last text was very motivational. Thank you man, i am so happy for picking up womens in real life!! The approaches makes me stronger, but the rejections makes me unstoppable.

Altough there are couples that met through the internet,most dating sites are full of attention whores leading men on just to get validated.

Another part of the women on there are just weird, awkward females and golddiggers. It's a shame that in our today's society media often calls out men on a daily basis for just being a man,whereas women rarely get called out for their moral misconduct. I had a big laugh when i heard the female tv anchor tell the simple pickup team they were making fun out of the women they film,which is a lie. It's downtalking men that behave like men.

Fuck the male bashing. Originally Posted by Bobby Hawai. Visit My YouTube and Blog. Overall, life is a playground. It's a huge social experiment playground. You tried OD, then you came up with your own conclusion. These websites are sad for us and i'm not ugly, Fuck you. A year ago when i began my journey to change, i joined many chating, and online dating websites. Nothing concrete came from that, but i don't regret because i learn good things: Gotta ask what were the men worthy of reply like?

Witty straight forward opener? Did you tell them you were a man? Whenever you find the whole world against you just turn around and lead them.


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