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Allnurses dating doctors consider, that

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Or sign in with one of these services. My girlfriend is a doctor. I am but a lowly student murse. This is my confession: My admission of guilt that no matter how progressive I am, I still have an inferiority complex. Friends ask, "Why would you want to go to nursing school?

Allnurses dating doctors

I didn't mess up. Actually, I'm right where I want to be. Smart and caring, beautiful and bold. She says what she means and I love her for that.

Oh dear God, I love her. Her knowledge was in women's health and my expertise was in Cardiac. I have never experienced any issues with her doctor friends, they all treated me as an equal. You're dating someone who thinks your profession and your work is inferior? No wonder you have an inferiority complex, in addition to your own opinion of yourself and your future career "I am but a lowly student murse".

What's your beef with your chosen profession? You make a point of talking about being a male nurse as if there's more expected of you because you're a guy.

Is it really your girlfriend who looks down on you, or are you projecting your own insecurities? I also dated a doc back in my single days. He had nothing but respect for my profession and the intelligent men and women who work with him in the trenches on a daily basis. I never heard a disparaging word--nothing about how I wasn't smart enough to get into med school I never wanted to be a doc, thanks or how nursing was a fallback for the less intelligent. You're a student nurse. You know how competitive it is to get into nursing right now.

It is not for the weak willed or the weak minded. Nursing and medicine must work hand in hand no pun intended. Any other combination is detrimental to the patient. Smart nurses and physicians know this, embrace the differences in practice and agree to work together.

Your "girlfriend" does not sound very supportive. I would seriously rethink this relationship. The arrogance of many physicians is astounding. If anything, she should be in awe of who you are Sounds like you need to sit your gf down and have a chat. Explain to her that you have been supportive of her career choices, and now you would like to be treated the same. Relationship problems do not go away. Rather, those small annoyances in the early phases become gigantic monoliths as time goes on.

I think you guys need to have a talk. We all have a path in our lives, and the people you are closest with need to respect that. I personally think respecting each other is the most important thing in a relationship. I was married for 15 years to someone that never respected me. After a while, I began to lose respect for him. I signed the divorce papers a month ago. I am casually dating someone right now who totally supports and respects me going back to school and becoming a nurse.

I wouldn't be able to do this without his support. BTW, my boyfriend of 4 yrs is in medical school and I'll be graduating nursing school in about 1 yr. When we were both working in the mental health field, we happened to be coworkers when we first met. We dated for 2 yrs and were able to keep things professional at work.

There were some coworkers who gossipped but that's human nature and it didn't create any serious issues. I almost wonder if one of the highilghts of getting into the nursing profession for some women is because they like to fantasize things are like General Hospital, or whatever silly soap opera portrays things like this.

I guess the "office politics" part of it is what I'm questioning more than anything. I don't see anything wrong with it I just hear so much talk about nurses becoming nurses to marry doctors, etc.

I was just curious as to how others view nurses especially "new" nurses dating doctors. Often there is a "social gap" between doctors and nurses.


It is like high school were the kids from different groups sat at different tables in the cafeteria. I don't see it happening much, but would have no problem with it if the work was not affected.

Doctors marry other doctors it seems to me.

I agree that it's a non-issue as long as work remains professional. Most nurses who go out with docs at first keep a lid on it because they know their peers will gossip. Not to contradict you because I'm sure you hear it a lot, but I rarely, if ever have heard a student or a nurse say they became a nurse just to marry a doctor. Something to think about. Someone could write something I never thought about.

6 Reasons Nurses Shouldn't Date Doctors

In my opinion, reading about someone perspective does not make you immature. As long as you are both single I don't see a problem. The only potential issue could be with your employer if you work together. You might have to update HR if this becomes a romantic relationship depending on company policy.

I was married to a doctor. What difference is it if you were dating another nurse in the hospital.

In my experience I've done both neither is a particularly good idea but it's your personal life and nobody else's damn business so date who you want. Well okay then, Spanked- when I was in high school and thereafter, I dated a girl whose Dad was a Doctor and I was pretty impressed with myself, I tell you.

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