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Dating a scottish guy have thought

Dating in Scotland

In her quest to assimilate into Scotland, Jennifer tries to understand why Scottish men are so hopeless at making the first move. My Scottish friend, Tim, confirmed what I have known for some time now: Afterwards, it is decided whether or not they are a couple or just a sad pathetic fumble in the dark. Generally there is a three to six date policy before sleeping with someone, depending on how skanky you are, how much you like the person etc. Obviously there are exceptions to the dating game.

For example, this past Saturday my English friend and I went to a club in the West end.

Although we dressed up, a lot of the other girls were completely styled to the nines with the latest fashions from Top Shop.

We did not take ourselves seriously at all while it seemed like everyone else was. You raised a good ó and smart ó daughter!

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Dating a scottish guy

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