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Suggest dispatch dating 2014 congratulate

[ 160401 ] Kai and Krystal Dating by Dispatch

Dispatch via Nate 1. They can't even deny it with the picture proof right here!!!!! The absolute worst sasaeng battle. A 'what if' turned into an actual thing. Not one member they haven't dated. The days when talent was never the issue..

Ayu Saputri June 18, at UGoGirl June 18, at Exactlly June 18, at Jacques June 18, at Popular Tags Blog Archives. Jungyeon is fresh faced at the airport. Twice Jungyeon 'prettier at night' Source: MK Sports via Nate 1.

12 Asian pop star scandals that broke the internet...for a little while

Netizens concerned with Kimura Takuya's sudden aging. Is this really Kimura Takuya? Star News via Nate 1.

-DISPATCH- EXO's Kai and FX's Krystal are dating!

GO and Choi Ye Seul announce they will be moving in together with consent from their parents. Rose looks like a human Barbie doll in her floral dress. Newsen via Nate 1. Interest surges for JYP's upcoming girl group. Disclaimer Just a friendly reminder I have no opinions on this couple, but the reveal was not as big as I expected.

However, I feel bad for couples that get revealed where the guy has yet to complete his military service. Couples like that are basically doomed from the get-go and have an inevitable expiration date.

The first 2 couples you mentioned are apparently still going strong, while the latter was already denied not only by their agencies, but by PSH herself during a fanmeeting.

I think her mom once said she would prefer her daughter to date someone older, not that she was, but I could be wrong.

PSH never denied anything at her FM. And her parents never revealed anything either. Stop make up rumor!!! Yes, I saw that rumor as well and tbh I doubt it even happened. She probably knows that publicizing her relationship can only hurt her career as well. FerG Yeah, I really doubted the rumor when I read it as well because it seems so unlike them. Also, I read a Korean BI which said a famous couple broke up, yet are still acting as if they are together, which I think is heavily pointing to them.

But, I kind of assumed they were still together after that rumor got around. The Honey-Hoppang ship has sunk lol.

Dispatch dating 2014

Dispatch caught Kai and Krystal on a date despite their busy schedule back in April of They confirmed that they had indeed been dating but soon broke up after spending 14 months together. They confirmed their relationship the following day and are still together.

It was revealed that they had been dating for 5 months when their relationship was exposed and they broke up about half a year later. Dispatch spotted Goo Hara and Junhyung dating early in the morning back in Despite their busy schedules, they went on dates whenever they could and made no attempt to disguise themselves. They announced the end of their relationship in Dispatch spotted Se7en and Lee Da Hae together in Bangkok, having afternoon tea together at a 6-star hotel.

Shortly thereafter, they confirmed their relationship and are still dating. They dated for a good three years and broke up in January They got married four months after confirming their relationship in July They mostly stayed in their cars to keep their dates secret and announced that they broke up after dating for one and a half years.

They were reported to have met each other 8 times a month, regularly.


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