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Words... how did vegeta and bulma start dating tell

Goku Finds Out Bulma Is Pregnant (Eng Dub)

Though its not shown of course, it's strongly implied to have started out as a one-night stand on the spur of the moment - a night of spontaneous, stress relief-driven passion that, once over, neither Bulma nor Vegeta thought they would ever have to dwell on again… except, of course, Trunks happened. So from this, we can gather that Bulma - who was already superficially attracted to Vegeta - witnessed a highly emotional, desperate side of him that nobody else had seen, as his frustrations with himself rose to a peak throughout his gruelling training. He may have even begun to confide in her somewhat about his insecurities - after all, she was there, and she showed him the kind of care he had probably never experienced in his life. Even an arrogant asshole like Vegeta can't just ignore something like that forever - it was likely this that sparked an intrigue in him with her. In turn, Bulma must have been pretty fascinated by the fact that Vegeta could have a vulnerable side at all. They got cuddly very fast, it seems… and according to Trunks, one thing led to another, and it apparently was over as quickly as it happened.

Bulma is the first girl that goku has ever seen. He does not know what it means to be attracted to women, and he doesn't think it to be inappropriate to "make sure" of what sex a person is with a little thing he calls a "pat-pat. He doens't know anything that goes on between a man and a woman.

He even agrees to marry her without knowing what marriage is. In the tournament, when they fight each other, they have grown up, and chi chi is extremely angry over the fact that goku has forgotten who she is and the promise he made. He finally figures out who she is, and tells her that he thought marriage was something he could eat. She holds on to his arm and he says, "Chi chi!

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How did vegeta and bulma start dating

I knew what you were going to say. Feb 12, 9. Sep 2, Messages: Feb 12, Well he didn't really know what love was at the time anyways.

Plus I think Bulma probably would've hit on Goku sometime if they showed it. Leviathan , Feb 12, Well he never really knew about love and stuff throughout all of DB, but when he met Chi Chi I guess he finally understood and he married her.

And then I guess he wasn't going to cheat on his wife cause she'd kill him.

Fettster , Feb 12, Oct 6, Messages: He doesn't like blue hair. Dec 1, Messages: I think in DB he still was immature.

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If you can, a url of an episode when they first showed affection or something would be nice: D Anything else is really nice too!

How and when did Bulma start liking Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z?

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Bulma was first shown caring about Vegeta when he left for space and she was worried because his spaceship was running out of fuel.

She also had a dream she told the others about where she kissed Vegeta. Then there is a whole episode where Vegeta gets hurt and Bulma takes care of him and what not.

How come Goku in all the years he's know Bulma never hit on her?

Trunks sort of gave Goku details about them when he first came from the future. He said that Bulma broke up with Yamcha within a year for being a "playboy". Bulma saw how alone Vegeta was and before she knew what was happening So it was just a passion thing at first. Here are two episodes in which there are Bulma and Vegeta moments: Episode , "Frieza's Couterattack" Trunks saga http: Episode , "Z Warriors Prepare" Trunks saga http: Episode , "Mystery Revealed" Trunks saga http: Enter a world of mysticism and magic.

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TFS: Bulma dumps Yamcha for Vegeta

How was Bulma and Vegeta's first kiss? Does Vegeta love Bulma? When does Bulma meet Vegeta in "Dragon Ball"? When Kakarot came back to earth from space after the fight with Frieza, the day Kakarot arrived on earth, Trunks also came to the same place and Vegeta saw both Trunks and Vegeta transforming into a super saiyan in front of his eyes, but he could not.

Then, he too decided to be strong enough to match Kakarot and Trunks and turn into a super saiyan. He started in Bulma's dad's space ships in extreme conditions where Bulma saw him struggling and decided to help him. Thats how they came close. Answered Jun 10, It's after future trunks returned back in time when he talked to goku aside he told him who he was so after this with some time when it was time for the war with the androids they were all ready and bulma got a baby named trunks it's very hard to believe but everyone even the most blockheaded character vegita may fall for love it's like that whatever he do bulma wasn't afraid from him unlike krillin who was terrified from him so she could love him it's like their love is represented by their problems even so vegita love her very much remember when he fought against bearus and he slapped bulma he went flying by vegita who was like a bull So I think they love each other but it can only appear in hard times.

Updated Oct 8, Quora User , Tv fan. In my head this is probably how it went down. Answered Dec 24, It went something like this. Related Questions Why does Bulma love Vegeta?


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