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Matchmaking skill gap sorry

Skill Gaps Are Real. 1v3 Win Due to matchmaking Bug in Rocket League. - Rated M Gaming

I just played a Ground War Dominatin Match on the PS4 today happened to get matched up with a Salty 10th Prestige who just cared about his kills not the objective till the end and yes we ended up losing cause this 10th Prestige didn't do anything but tried to sit and hide also run towards Spawn point. I am bringing this out beause of player like this 10th Prestige who didn't play the Objective till the end needs to add a Skill base system for Infinite Warfare for all game types including Ground War and also matches up with players who actually plays their Objectives as well. Players who just tries too hard and plays for kills in an Objevtive and not the Objective as well should only get half of the points per kill and Kill streaks if they play that way in an Objective game type like Domination. Lost because this 10th Prestige only cared for his kills the entire match not the Objective until the end. Lost due to this 10th Prestige caring for his kills not the Objective till the end. I would suggest you write a detailed report of this and any other feedback you may have for this title in the following link: Again apologies for any frustration and I appreciate you bringing this to my attention.

Matchmaking skill gap

And if there is no fun or challenge the community cannot grow and it will not gain anything. It will just wither away and die. This flaw in matchmaking is just as serious and harder to deal with than the speed of matchmaking or unbalanced operators. Its unfair to the players on all sides.

People are blatantly quitting the game the moment they see the enemy player's ranked status. And I dont blame them. I would do that too, I have done it. I dont waste a single second, I leave and a fair amount of the time everyone else follows me. I want to have fun, a challenge, and to complete objectives.

Fortnite BR Ruined by Skill Based Matchmaking! - SBMM Will Destroy Fortnite Battle Royale

That cannot be done in any way shape or form when the skill gap is so massive you could not reach the other side in 20 years. We aren't all virgin Korean teenagers in our mother's basement.

Reply Share this post. Play ranked, don't cry about problems that don't exist. Originally Posted by Illuminateee Go to original post. Originally Posted by Snuggloth Go to original post.

The matchmaking is horrific, it's not skill based, it's not level based, it's terrible. In casual it literally just throws people together and still manages to take a decade doing so. This is just an example but can happen to anyone if they're not the ones carrying. It can even be the opposite, I could perform really well, come out top of my team with kills and double the score of the person behind me, we'll still lose and I'll drop a rank, and another, and another It just doesn't work.

Thanks for the feedback everyone, I don't really have anything worth sharing to add on the subject but I wanted to say I'll be sharing some of your thoughts in my report to the team! There are so many and everyone can create unlimited amounts of them, it doesn't matter how quickly they rank up. We can't play together any longer, it says something like "Your competitive-skill-groups have a too big difference.

You can't play unless you are a 5man Team" So my first question: Cause of Cheaters boosting each other in high Elo cause the developers aren't able to get a proper anti Cheat security and I have to suffer for this?! And my second question: How many ranks is this skill gap?

It just says we are too far apart from each other, but it doesn't mention the number of ranks I want the old queuing options back..

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He has to derank now in order that we can play together and I'm quite sure that this isn't the purpose of it. Showing 1 - 15 of 36 comments. Any1 got an Idea of how high the cap is?

How many Ranks difference max? Cinkom View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Cinkom:. Originally posted by Mountain Dew:. Alejjjandro View Profile View Posts. Kles View Profile View Posts.


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