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Consider, that winchester model 94 dating can

Winchester 94 Improving stiff lever action

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What is the date of Winchester model 94 serial number ? What is the value of a Winchester model serial number c? Need a detailed descriptioin of finish, condition, accessories, box, papers, etc.. What is the age and value of a 16 gauge Winchester Model shotgun serial number c?

Winchester did not keep records of the model shotguns serial number by year of production.

I can say that the model was made from What is the age of a 16 gauge Winchester model shotgun serial number C? Winchester did not keep records of the production of the model shotgun by year. I can say that the model was made during the years What date was Winchester model with serial ?

No sn data available. What year was this Winchester model 97 manfactured serial number ? With the serial number that you provided,your Winchester model pump action shotgun was produced in the year The Winchester model was made from August 4, , I have a Winchester 94 30 30 SN that was left toe by my grandfather.

Can any one tell me what it might be worth? An estimate or range. Is in very good condition.

When was Your Winchester Made?

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October 21, Posts: Serial Number info for Winchester Model 94 Is there a place on line to research and find dates and serial numbers on The Winchester Model 94 30 30?

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February 7, Posts: Need Some Info I have a Winchester 94 with a serial number of Find More Posts by Bandit3. January 15, Location: Without pictures we can tell you almost nothing. Find More Posts by 1BadF May 8, Location: Find More Posts by Don H.

April 25, Posts: Model 94 I have a model 94 and the serial , could someone tell me the year? Find More Posts by sapd It seems that date of manufacture numbers are probably off as much as two years in this time frame.

There seems to be no records for the mid 's on a yearly basis but numbers suggest that they continued some production. Does anyone know about what year the production numbers become reliable? When I read where someone says their rifle was made a certain month and year I wonder how they can call it that close.

You may have to contact the Wm.

Winchester model 94 dating

Cody museum in Cody, Wyo. My 6 digit ser. Thanks for the response kdub. Cody does not have records for 's after about as I think they were burned. I don't care about the exact year of manufacture of my rifle, my guess it is probably early or late I'm just observing that the commonly used charts have to be wrong for certain time frames and wondering if experts somewhere had been able to come up with more accurate dates. Even the references I use say that some dates are just guesses.

For the past 5 years he has spent at least two weeks a year with a volunteer at the Cody Museum of Firearms research room. This is a post that he has made and I hope you find it as informative as I have. As many of you will undoubtedly note, the figures I have compiled below vary significantly from the numbers published by George Madis in his tomes "The Winchester Book" and "The Winchester Handbook".

Winchester Model 94 , Pre-64 and Post-64 , Up close

All of my statistical numbers were derived from a detailed survey conducted by the Cody Firearms Museum of the first , serial number records, and from the Polishing Room Serialization Record Books held by the Cody Firearms Museum. Undoubtedly, all of the caliber, and the Rifle versus Carbine production number ratios would change drastically if the records were available for serial numbers , - 2,, The Polishing Room Serialization Record Books PRSRBs which contain nothing more than just the serial number, fortunately survive up to serial number 1,,, which was manufactured on December 29th, Production ratios for the first , Model s made: Winchester began producing Model 94s at an accelerated pace starting in


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