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[WeGotMarried] Couples Who Reunited After The Show Ended

Here are the 5 WGM couples that were caught up in scandals during their time together, because of rumored or confirmed dating rumors with other people. This pair was one of the first pairs to ever appear on the show. In the midst of their filmings, it was revealed that Jung HyungDon was dating Han YuRa who is now his wife , and the netizens demanded that they get pulled off the show. When rumors hit that she was dating her co-star Lee JangWoo , although they denied dating, their fake marriage soon came to an end. One of the hottest scandals.

Hot couple sexy pictorial, Jin-woon¶Jun-hee ???-??? #We Got Married

I also fell for it because I went to my old journal and found 8 poems I had written about him when I was 15 ‚ I thought I found my soul mate. Asked me to move in ‚ I said I would like that ‚ but it had only been 3 months and we needed a bigger place for the two of us, lets start looking.

I became yoyo girl.


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