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Christian orthodox dating consider, that you

Is Dating a Sin?

How about in any other language, for that matter? Is there any song on the radio these days that is not about this word? How often do we see this topic in popular culture? How many clothing lines, backpacks, school supplies, you name it- have hearts on them or other love-themed pictures? What about a person?

A good marriage can never be based on how the other makes me feel. Above I said that good people are good people no matter where you find them, but if you begin to think you might want to spend the rest of your life raising children with someone, then religion is very important.

For most people, when things are going well religion is not a very important part of their life no matter how strenuously they protest that it is. When we feel like things are going well, and nothing feels better than being in love, God drifts to the background, and we basically ignore God.

Christian orthodox dating

Read Deuteronomy 32 sometime. However, marriage, as many have observed, is the remedy for falling in love. Once a man and woman begin the hard work of sharing their lives together, God becomes much more important in their lives.

I am not saying that marriage is all work and drudgery. No, not at all. The most wonderful, wonderful gift God has given me is my wife and children; however, marriage has also driven me to my knees again and again.

When a couple do not share the same faith and same religious commitment, then when the going gets tough, where do they go for help? The main stipulation is that the couple agree to raise the children Orthodox.

This allowance came to be in a world in which children were often promised in marriage before they were three years old. They had no choice; and so the church made allowance for the reality of a culture in which a man or woman could not choose his or her spouse. But we have a choice.

Young people, my daughters included, often say that there are no good candidates among the Orthodox Christians they know. I understand this problem. Often Orthodox Christian churches are small and choices are limited. Organize retreats, participate in diocesan, mission or service organizations, visit monasteries you never know who else might be visiting , rent a van and crash a archdiocesan convention with seven of your buddies splitting the cost of the room. Let me sum up. It is not a good idea to date non-Orthodox Christians because it is not a good idea to date anyone.

It is a good idea to have lots of friends, to learn how to be kind, generous, loving, patient and joyful by hanging out with people who encourage you to be more like Christ.

If you are too shy to ask directly, then ask a trusted third person to make enquiries for you.

Life of an Orthodox Christian - A Brief Depiction (Pencils & Prayer Ropes)

Since you are already friends, you can skip the dating thing. You can now continue to be friends discerning together and with your priest s , parents, and other trusted friends whether or not you are indeed right for each other. Look, my child, all things possess a lovely…. How should one convey to a teenager that intimate relations before marriage are prohibited?

The feast of Theophany also called Epiphany is the second greatest feast after Pascha in the Christian Calendar. The Education Bureau of the Chinese district of Lishan has launched a….

On Sunday, February 17, , in accordance with tradition, a ceremonial gathering…. Developed by Hamburg Church Studio. Dating non-Orthodox Christians Source: Holy Nativity Orthodox Church. Is there a difference in trusting God as a Protestant, or trusting God as an Orthodox? I am not clear as to what you are saying. Do you mean that a young person like me should not date at all?

I know that I am to trust God that he will find a mate that is fitting for me. But the thing is how will I know who that mate is if I am not active and doing my part. In other words, I don't think that God will just suddenly one day dump someone into my lap and we will get married just like that. I am 23 and have not dated anyone yet, but the thing is I find myself at times lonely and longing for someone. What is a person my age to do? To sit and burn with passion?

To fill void with other temptations such as pornography? I hope I am not coming across as to harsh in my response. Please forgive me if I am misinterpreting your statements James.

Why has society changed so dramatically? My suspicion is that radical feminism and the high divorce rate among many people have led to a pessimism between the sexes and this has carried over to dating. God always leads us eventually out of the desert, to discover the treasures he has in store.

You are very fortunate to have a church were you can meet women your age.

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At my church, I am the only one my age college age and there are not women around my age to meet there. They are either too young or too old. It seems very hard today to meet a woman who is a devout Christian and has not had multiple sex partners. Right now I am pessimistic about finding someone but I am not in a hurry to get married. I just feel very lonely at times.

But to be effective in my case I have to have three or four serious sessions per week wherein I sit still and quiet and recite the prayer at least times. The pressure is much greater on them than in my day to sleep around and otherwise let their hormones rule; however, there are young people out there wondering if they are the only ones who wish to lead a chaste life before and after marriage. They just need patience to find each other, and support from as many quarters as possible to maintain their goal.

Maybe we are far too eager to "date," to take part in the big social trend that we see going on around us. I know of some RC ones, and churches can often be the best source of suitable company for this purpose for the serious of mind who don't find the disco "culture" the least bit congenial.

Maybe a young respondent to this web site could also be a potential friend? The website wasn't responding when I tried it a just now, but hopefully it will be back on line soon.

I fear that we oldies may have been a bit dismissive to Sinjin and Andonis, though I agree with Owen's comment some time ago that it's not 'seemly' to go into a lot of personal emotional turmoil on a public message board. It seems a little facile to tell people to be patient and wait for God to provide, and perhaps we should examine this a bit more.

How does one tell when God is indeed providing for us and it is not just a rationalisation of our own wish-fulfilment? This applies whether our problem is one of loneliness or poverty, or whatever.

Many years ago, like Sinjin and Andonis, I was lonely and then finally found a lady who was willing to go out with me and then to marry me, and I was convinced it was the work of God, an answer to my prayer and patient waiting on His Will.

But it rapidly turned out not to be the case - I had fooled myself into believing that what I wanted was the Will of God. Many non-Christians, particularly 'smart' humanists, will say Christians are 'finding comfort' in their religion if they turn to God in times of trouble and that, when there is an apparent answer to prayer, we are ascribing to God an actually random turn of the wheel of fate, simply because that's what we want to believe.

And most modern counselling or psychotherapy is based on the premise that we can't change what is happening around us and to us, we can only change our perceptions of what is happening. Isn't this, the humanist will argue, just what Christians are saying when they ascribe everything to God's will and 'worship in silence His inscrutable ways'? I could tell our young friends that sometimes I find it useful, if I feel unloved or a good friend hasn't been in touch with me, to think that that God is giving me an experience of how He feels when we don't love and ignore Him, so we should glorify Him for giving us this privilege of feeling as He does.

Dating non-Orthodox Christians

But isn't this just the sort of rationalisation I've described above? Note that I used the word 'useful'! Perhaps some more knowledgeable member will be able to help us.


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