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Persona 3 yukari dating guide assured, that


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For Yukari, you need Max Charm, and it doesn't open up until after your summer trip. Her's doesn't open up until November after the class trip. More topics from this board Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password?

I think you have to be real smart to date Mitsuru right? So what level should my Academics be at? SoulSpark SoulSpark 10 years ago 3 Yukari: Lionheart08 Lionheart08 10 years ago 5 For Yukari, you need Max Charm, and it doesn't open up until after your summer trip. Final Boss Fight Help. Weapon Fusion Guide by Zeruel.

The answer is "Chinese". June 29 You'll be quizzed. The answer is "Leonardo da Vinci". July 3 You'll be quizzed. The answer is "The 2, Yen Bill". July 7 It's time for the next operation. Yukari will be a mandatory member this time, so select your other two party members. Chances are Akihiko and Junpei are leveled higher than Mitsuru at this point.

Once you're ready, make your way to the top floor and enter the room to the northeast on the map. The one thing that might pose as a tiny problem is that he tends to use Zio based skills. So just use your best non-Zio Persona and he'll go down rather quickly. When given the following choices, select these: Your next objective is to destroy two mirrors to break the seal to the second shadow. Go to the second floor and enter Room Break the window and climb to the third floor.

Enter Room and break the window. Now go back to the room where you fought the shadow and you'll be treated to another fight. While it doesn't have any strengths and weaknesses, the main problem with this fight is that it can Charm your party, meaning if the main character gets charmed, you'll either Heal the Lovers if you have a Persona equipped with Dia, do nothing, or attack your party members. The worst part about this is that your party members don't give a damn and won't use a Dis-Charm on you, so if the main character gets charmed, you either need to hope to hold out long enough or start the battle over.

Aside from Charm, it's a normal fight, so use your best Persona. July 8 You'll be quizzed. The answer is "o-no-ma-to-pee-ah". July 9 You'll be quizzed. The answer is "Heian-Kyo became the Capital. July 10 Another fuggin' quiz. The answer is "Kabbalah".

July 11 You guessed it. The answer is "Their hairdos". July 14 Final exams start today. The answer is "Jewish". July 15 Second day of Final Exams. The answer is "Murasaki Shikibu". July 16 Third day of Final Exams.

The answer is "The topknot fired bullets". July 17 Fourth day of Final Exams. July 18 Final day of Final Exams. Your end result will depend on your current Academic Level and how many answers you got correct. You need at least Level 5 in Academics if you want to ace it. July 20 Today, you leave for Yakushima, which means no Tartarus until you get back. Kiss my ass, Shadows. July 21 Today, operation "Babe Hunt" will commence. With Junpei in your party, there's no way you can fail, right?

After the set of scenes the last 'female' you try to hit on is quite hilarious indeed , you'll try to hit up on some girl standing on the pier. Afterwards, run into the forest and follow the path until you come across her. After some more scenes, Aigis will join the party. July 24 Summer vacation is right around the corner, don't worry.

As of today, if you have your Charm stat maxed to Level 6, you can start up the Lovers Social Link with Yukari by talking with her after class. Just becareful that you're not dating someone else already.

August 2 Your sporting competition will be today. No matter what, you'll lose in the end to the other schools best athlete. After the scenes, you'll get a chance to make a social link wtih Mamoru. After today, you can find him sitting on the bench across from the Bookstore. You need Level 4 Courage in order to establish a social link with him. August 6 It's time for the next operation. After the set of scenes, you can select your party members.

Since the upcoming boss has no nasty attacks or weaknesses for you to exploit, it doesn't really matter what party you pick, but having a healer is nice, so bring either Yukari or Mitsuru. For the other two, I took Aigis for her ability to use single and multi target Persona skills, and Junpei for more manpower.

When you're ready, go down the next set of screens. When you reach the Shadow, Fuuka will warn you it's ahead, so heal up if needed. It's basically just a huge slugfest right from the start. After a few turns, they'll split into two.

Don't worry, your damage will still carry over, but there's one thing to take note of here. You MUST kill both of them on back to back turns, otherwise one will revive the other and you have to start all over again. Other than that, it's just an all out slugfest. August 8 Once Evening rolls around, you'll be introduced to your new party member, Koromaru. However, not that many enemies use Hama based attacks, so he's an ideal pick for your party.

Also, Elizabeth will tell you that new floors of the Tartarus are available for exploration. August Thanks to Mitsuru, you'll be spending the next few days in Summer School. Good thing is, you'll raise your Academics if you haven't already maxed it out.

August 16 The Summer Festival is today. You'll be invited by one of your female social links. August 28 You'll be introduced to your new party member today, Ken. That was a pretty boring month, wasn't it? September 1 You'll be quizzed today. The answer is "You slide like crazy. September 3 Shinjiro will become a party member. He's pretty much the powerhouse of the group. September 5 Full Moon time. After a few scenes, you'll be able to pick your party. Since the upcoming boss uses Zio based skills, Yukari and Aigis will only become burdens, so bring Akihiko since he's Strong against Zio skills, Mitsuru for healing purposes, and whoever else you want, though I went with Koromaru.

Talk to Fuuka when you're ready to tackle it. If you have a Persona with a resistance to Zio based skills like Take-Mikazuchi, you'll be set. As long as you can heal up after his Giga Spark, he's a push over.

September 10 You'll be quizzed. The answer is "Come here. September 11 Another quiz. The answer is "The Hermetica. The answer is "It's indeterminate. You'll be stuck in the Dorm since you'll sleep through the next few days.

September 21 As Igor mentioned on the 18th, you'll be able to make Personas using the Cross and Pentagon spreads. These are much more simple than the cross and triangle spreads, since you don't have to experiment to get the Persona you want. Just bring the Personas listed in the list and you'll be able to make it. October 4 The next operation is tonight. Shinjiro and Ken won't be available for this fight you'll see why soon enough , so you're stuck with everyone else. Aigis and Junpei were my other two characters here.

Once you pick your characters, tell Fuuka you're ready to go. Once the battle starts, Strength will encase Fortune in a barrier, making him off limits so you have to focus all your man power on Strength.

Strength can be a dangerous foe since it knows some pretty strong physical attacks AND can make your party either distressed or charmed, which can mean big trouble if the main character is charmed.

While Strength is pummeling you, Fortune will use Wheel of Fortune not the gameshow, so no prizes are included, sorry which can make or break this fight. The way it works is pretty simple. A spinner will come down with red and blue spots, along with certain ailments and other fun things like healing and damage tiles.

If you land the spinner on a red tile, the effect located on that tile will effect your party, whereas if it lands on blue, that effect will occur on the enemies. For example, say your spinner lands on a red tile with an attack down symbol on it.

This means your party will have its attack decreased for a short while. Wait for a blue tile to be across and a little left of the spinner. Once it reaches there, press X and you should land on the blue tile. However, this time Wheel of Fortune will have more red tiles than blue tiles this time, so hopefully you have the basics of the Roulette down already. As long as you avoid the red tiles at the beginning and end, this fight shouldn't be too difficult.

October 6 Ken's Persona will evolve into Kala-Nemi. October 7 You'll be quizzed. The answer is "To bring in business. October 13 Mid Terms start today. The answer is "2". October 14 Second day of Mid Terms. The answer is "Moses". October 15 Third day of Mid Terms.

The answer is "Summer Vacation". October 16 Fourth day of Mid Terms. The answer is "Fifteen". October 17 Final day of Mid Terms.

You should have your Academics maxed by now. If they are, then you'll ace the exams if you got the other answers right. October 19 You'll be quizzed.

The answer is "Friday". October 20 Fuuka's Persona will evolve into Juno, which learns the ever helpful Escape Route skill. October 22 You'll be quizzed. The answer is "Mansion". October 23 You'll be quizzed. The answer is "Madam Blavatsky". October 26 You'll be quizzed again. The answer is "It's Arabic. The answer is "Tofu". November 3 Well, it's time to face the 12th and final Shadow, but we have a little obstacle in our way.

For the upcoming battle, Koromaru is a good choice for his ability to block both Agi and Mudo based attacks. Junpei should also be a part of this fight. Bring Yukari for healing purposes. When you're ready, tell Fuuka you're ready to start the operation. Jin uses mainly Mudo and Agi based attacks, so Koromaru and Junpei will help you a bunch in this fight.

Avoid using Agi spells on Jin as he'll only repel them. As for Takaya, he just uses single target -Dyne skills, but has the tendency to hit a character with a weakness with the right skill. Make sure to focus on Jin first as he's obviously the most dangerous, then focus on taking down Takaya.

Keep Yukari and equip a Persona with Magarula. Once you're ready, head up to where the Shadow is and tell Fuuka you're ready to go. In order to get him down, you need to destroy the three statues. Each statue uses a certain element. You'll want to use Magarula for this fight because none of the statues null Garu based skills and you can take them out in either one shot, or severly weaken them which gives Yukari and your other party members to finish them off.

Once all three are gone, Hanged Man will fall to the ground. Because of this, he will be labeled as "Down" which will enable you to use an All Out Attack. Do so and continue pummeling him. He'll summon some Devious Mayas while hitting you with strong physical attacks. After a couple of turns, Hanged Man will go back up to the top and the statues will reappear.

Persona 3 yukari dating guide

Repeat this whole process until his HP reaches 0. November 6 Elizabeth will notify you that new floors are available in the Tartarus. November 12 You'll be quizzed today. The answer is "The Upanishads". November 17 Your trip to Kyoto begins today.

Nothing special here since you can't leave the hotel. Save your game and head back to your room. November 18 Mitsuru's Persona will evolve into Artemisia today.

November 19 Junpei has put you guys in some pretty hot water here. You'll need to avoid the girls here, otherwise you'll be executed. Trust me, this sounds much worse than you think. You'll need to hide as the girls explore around the springs, trying to see if anyone is actually there with them. Once it starts, hide on the right side of the rock you're near.

Once they see no one, wait for them to leave and slowly make your way to the left side of the rock. Be careful here as if you go too high, Mitsuru will spot you. After the girls don't find anyone again, they'll search one last time. Wait until they leave and head into the center of the room where the small waterfall is. Examine it and choose to hide there until the girls give up. As a reward, Aigis points out that she knows the difference between male and female bodies.

Free ice cream too! November 22 The Dark Hour will roll around and something seems amiss. Junpei won't be able to fight this time. Bring Yukari for healing Mitsuru will only be a burden and then bring Koromaru for his strength against Agi skills. The last party member is up to you. Also, after every turn, Chidori has a passive skill called 'Spring of Life' which will heal her every turn. November 30 You'll be quizzed.

The answer is "So they stood out. December 2 It's time for the next full moon, but unlike with the others, you won't be fighting anything. Just watch the scenes. December You won't be able to explore the Tartarus in this time period. You can go back and explore on the 10th.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 - Walkthrough/guide

December 11 You'll be quizzed. The answer is "Nice". December 14 Final Exams start today. The answer is "". December 15 Second day of Final Exams. The answer is "Magnesium Chloride". December 16 Third day of Final Exams.

December 17 Fourth day of Final Exams. The answer is "So they stood out". December 18 Fifth day of Final Exams. The answer is "Latte". December 19 Final day of Final Exams. December 21 You'll be quizzed. The answer is "Kido". December 24 Christmas Eve. One of your female social links will invite you shopping with her.

It's usually the highest link you have, but if you have two or more maxed out, it will be randomly selected from those. December 25 Christmas Day. So what's your present you ask? You get to go to school! December 30 Aigis rejoins the party.

He Persona also evolves into Athena. December 31 New Year's Eve. It's time to make your choice. If you decide to kill him, the game will end right now. If you let him live, you'll continue on. January 1 New Year's Day and Junpei still doesn't miss a beat. You also notice how the dorm and city music has changed? I have to say that the city music for this month is one of my favorite tracks in the game.

Anywho, once you return to the dorm, Elizabeth will tell you that new floors are available for you to explore, meaning you're at the last Block. January 8 You'll be quizzed. The answer is "They're both correct". January 18 You'll be quizzed. The answer is "Circe". January 25 Your final quiz of the game. Now now, don't cry. The answer is "Arigatou Gozaimashita!

Once you enter the Tartarus, you can't leave, so make sure to prep yourself with the best pieces of equipment you can find. If you need to level, stick to the first floor of the Monad block. Keep in mind that the party you select as you climb the final set of floors ISN'T absolute, so you can change your party when you reach certain floors. Make your way to Floor You'll want to bring Koromaru for sure this time. Unlike last time, Jin has access to a bunch of new attacks. Mudo attacks, Hama attacks, -Dyne skills, he can pretty much use any elemental skill in the game here.

It also doesn't help that he can cause ailments on your party. Koromaru will reduce the Agi attacks and block the Mudo attacks. Jin seems to use Mudo based attacks more than Hama for some reason or he did for me at least , so Koromaru should be safe.

If you have a leveled up Skadi, Niflheim will be a great asset here. When you're ready, continue until you reach floor He barely does more damage than last time, so as long as you can keep up with the healing, you'll be able to take him out rather quickly. Not that hard of a fight. Make sure to have at least Raphael since he learns Null Charm naturally. When you're ready, advance to the top. For this form, set everyone to Conserve SP as Nyx will do nothing in this form.

Obviously, Koromaru and Junpei will shine in this form. Mitsuru will be a great help for this form. Yukari obviously will easily survive this form. Akihiko and Ken will help you out a bunch here.

Nyx will use Rebellion on her first turn to increase hers and your Critical rates and then start using powreful physical attacks, most noteably Fatal End. Avoid using Strike attacks for this form. Make sure to set Raphael to avoid this and use your best non-Garu based skills. Ken will obviously benefit from this form the most. Avoid using Garu based skills as you pound her. This form isn't that dangerous at first. She'll just stick to using the four elemental skills. After you deal enough damage, she'll use Moonless Gown which will reflect any and all attacks back at you and your party.

It won't disappear either if you hit it while it's up. Set everyones commands to Stand By until she takes it down. After she takes it down, continue pummeling her while being cautious of Moonlight Gown. Once she gets low on health, she'll start using Night Queen which will hurt you AND put a random status ailment on you and your party members.

Just keep your health up as you're coming down the home stretch and you'll come out on top eventually. Now sit back and watch the ending. You'll be taking control of the main character for a couple more days, though. After that, the credits will roll and you can save your game to start a New Cycle. You beat Shin Megami Tensei: I hope my guide was able to help you out.

All you really need to do is equip a Bow on the main character before the battle so you can shoot them and hit their weak point. Once you do, use an All Out Attack and you should be able to finish them off rather quickly. If you still have Orpheus which you should , have him use Bash while using healing items to heal yourself if anyone gets low on health. Junpei might be a burden in this fight since the Dancing Hands love to use Garu skills the most.

As long as you keep using Bash to knock them down, you should be fine. It nullifies ALL physical attacks and has a strenght against Agi, so Junpei is pretty much worthless here.

Persona 3 Fes:The Journey - Lovers Ending(Yukari)

Its physical attacks are really strong and can possibly kill off an underleveled character, or maybe even an average leveled character. If it doesn't kill them, heal up and do it again on the next turn, in which they should die this time.

Aside from poison, it'll use Garula most of the time, which means Junpei is in big trouble here if it decides to pick on him. Since Akihiko is with you, have him use Zio or if he decides to at least while you use your own non-Garu based skills while healing poison and you should be fine.

They'll always get the first turn and they'll spend it casting Tarukaja. Akihiko is your man here. Have him use Zio on each of the Beetles and then use na All Out attack. If it doesn't kill them, do it again on the next turn. Yukari is needed of course for healing while Akihiko should be using Zio, if he decides to that is. Use a Persona such as Fortuna to negate the Garu attacks while using Bufula with her.

As long as Yukari can keep up with the healing, this is another fight that isn't that difficult. Either bring Yukari and have her knock them down with Garu or use your own Persona with Garu to knock them down and use an All Out Attack on them. If they survive, brace yourself as their physical attacks pack quite a punch. Bring Junpei, Akihiko, and Mitsuru with you. Junpei and Akihiko can use their Strike physical attacks while Mitsuru will be your healer.

Just try to keep up with the Ziongas it throws at you and you should have no problems here. Bring Junpei with you and have his tactic set to Knock Down while you use Agi based skills of your own until all three are down. If they survive the All Out Attack, they'll use Mabufula most of the time, so have Mitsuru or Yukari ready with their healing skills.

Again, another straight forward fight that doesn't really need a lot of strategy. What makes the Natural Dancer so annoying is that she'll often use Sexy Dance to cast charm on your characters, meaning if the main character is charmed, there's a good chance he'll wipe out the entire party while your party members take it.


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