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And the best part? So how is this different from the typical dealer crawl? See, with the ability to build your car online you eliminate the arduous process of flipping through brochures to compare features; everything is right at your fingertips literally. Apart from the obvious convenience, when you create a car online you also position yourself to learn more about the vehicle than you may have otherwise. Research tools are readily available in abundance, as are buying guides, videos, tips, tricks, and advice.

Older audio systems with a cassette tape player allow you to use a cassette adapter. This is a small, low-cost device that connects to the headphone jack on your phone and allows you to play music into the car audio system.

Many modern car audio systems have Bluetooth as an option for playing music across a short-range wireless network. In order to take advantage of this, begin by activating Bluetooth on the car audio system, making sure that it is discoverable.

You can also find your way here by pulling down the notification shade and long-pressing the Bluetooth button. Wait for the screen to update and display your car audio system, then select it to pair. Once done, your phone should automatically pair with the car in future. For the best results, your phone should have Bluetooth 4. We've got you covered. Here's everything you need to know about using Google Maps on Android.

Read More or some other GPS app , you should keep your phone charged while driving. Like Bluetooth, some modern car stereos have a USB port that you can use to connect external storage devices. This enables you to then browse your library of tunes through the car audio system. Hooking up an Android phone this way is simple. If a USB cable came with the audio system, then simply connect your phone with a suitable adapter. Otherwise, identify the USB port on the unit and connect your Android device.

Once connected, your Android phone will need switched to storage mode. Drag down the notification bar and tap Charging this device via USB. This is a device that connects to your phone and broadcasts over a very short distance to your car stereo. Switching to the FM band on the radio should then let you wirelessly enjoy the audio playing on your phone.

Smartphone design differs considerably between manufacturers.

As such, you should take the time to find a unit that works well with your device. Here are the best Bluetooth car adapters, aux adapters, and more. Read More worth a look. And how else can you broadcast radio from your phone? Here's what you need to know. However, we would strongly recommend against this. With the wealth of ways for playing music in your car from an Android device, more and more people are opting for Bluetooth or FM transmitters.

To be sure the battery is disconnected, check to see if the lights come on in the cabin of the car. Nothing electronic should work with the battery disconnected. Disconnecting the battery will prevent you from doing damage to the electrical system as well as protect you from shocks.

Remove any necessary pieces of trim. You will need to gain access to the sides of the stock head unit or stereo in your center console. In some cars, that will require the removal of some pieces of plastic trim. Be careful when removing trim pieces, as they may be brittle and subject to cracking. Whenever possible, try to pull the piece of trim out slightly to get a look at what kind of clip is used to attach it. You may need to slide the trim piece in a certain direction to separate it, you may need to hit a release with a screw driver, or you may need to simply pull on it hard enough.

Checking first will prevent you from breaking off the clips and having to replace the piece of trim. Determine how your head unit is mounted. Car stereos are all held in place using one of two methods: Each method requires a different technique for removal. Spring clip mounts may not require the removal of any trim pieces and can be identified by the matching pairs of holes on either side of the stereo. Stereos that are bolted into place may require more trim removal, as you will need to gain access to the space behind the stereo.

If they are present, your stereo is held in place with spring clips. If there are no holes, remove the trim below, above or to the side of the stereo to gain access to the bolts.

Use DIN tools to remove spring clipped stereos. If your stereo or head unit is held in place using spring clips, you will need to purchase a pair of DIN tools. Insert one DIN tool into the two holes on the left, and another into the two holes on the right.

Press them both in until you hear the click of the spring releasing. Spread the tools apart slightly to grip the back of the stereo and pull the tools toward yourself. The stereo will slide out of the console of the car along with the tools. Remove a bolted in stereo with wrenches. You will likely need to remove quite a bit more of the trim to access bolts that hold your stereo in place than you would have with spring clipped stereos.

Once you are able to see the bolts, removing the stereo should be fairly self-explanatory: Determine the size of the bolts, then use a hand wrench to remove them.

Unscrew these bolts and slide the stereo out. Remember that the stereo is still connected to the car with wires, so be careful not to rip any out as you remove the stereo from the console.

If you are removing a stock head unit, there will likely be at least one plastic clip with a number of wires going into it that you will need to disconnect. There may be a second clip and an antennae cable as well in some cars. If you are removing an aftermarket stereo, there is a possibility that there will be no clip and the previous stereo was wired loosely. If that is the case, you may have to cut the wires in order to connect them to the new head unit.

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Be careful when removing the wire harness clip from the back of the stereo. It may have a plastic button or tab holding it in place. Before you install the stereo in the center console of your vehicle, reconnect the battery and turn the car on to make sure it is functioning properly.

With the stereo completely connected, turn it on and try a few functions. Make sure all speakers in your vehicle are working and that CDs or your MP3 player play properly. If you have been able to connect the antennae cable already, check to make sure the radio works.

How to install a tablet in your car!

If something does not work properly, review the connections with the wiring diagrams that you have to make sure all of the wires are connected to their corresponding match. Tuck all of the wiring into the dashboard. You may have noticed that most of the wires you connected to your stereo allowed for quite a bit of slack. Take the connected car stereo in one hand and use the other to tuck all of the extra wire back into the dashboard as you set the stereo in its opening.

If you have not been able to connect the large antennae cable yet because it was too short, connect it now as you sit the stereo in its place. Try not to let the wiring get in the way of the bracket you will need to bolt the stereo too if your stereo requires being bolted into place.

Hook up your car online

Slide the stereo back into place. Slowly slide the radio back into the opening in the center console of the vehicle while being careful not to apply too much pressure to the face of it. If you encounter resistance, do not force the stereo in any further. Instead remove the stereo and identify what was in the way, move it, and attempt to slide the stereo in again.

As you slide the stereo into place, wires may snag or plastic brackets may come out of place. Forcing the stereo past a snag can break things and make the stereo fail to function or seat properly in the vehicle.


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