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Post Grad Valentine’s Day

This is a recurring PGP series. Catch up with all installments of Getting Back in the Game by visiting the archive. Eric looked at himself in the mirror as he slowly swirled his glass of bourbon. Instead, he just felt his nerves jumping and his stomach churning. It was Thursday evening, and in just a half hour, he was going to embark on his first first date in over three years. As he ran his fingers through his hair, his mind began to race with possible scenarios. What if the conversation ran dry?

Recent post grad whose name is Brad. That pretty much sums it up. Email me at postgradbrad gmail. That could also be because some guys out there think that tinder pick up lines work in real life.

Saved By The Brunch With Post Grad Problems

Depends how you were dressed: Ugly sweater, semi-formal, b-cash. But more than likely not cute. My girlfriend and I exchanged like 10 extremely random messages on Tinder before agreeing to meet up and then we had a 4 hour first date where neither of us got hammered nor went home with the other person with a much longer second date a few days later.

As cliche as this sounds, when you know, you know. I blame my anxious personality, difficulties engaging in meaningful conversation, and overanalyzing of everything I do ever. People give dating apps a bad rep. At the end of the day, does it really matter how you two met? If parents are going to be upset their millennial child uses a dating app to meet people, then they should be just as if not more appalled that their single friends in their 50s are using one of the over dozen dating websites to meet other single baby boomers.

My parents are as technologically illiterate as it gets and they had no problems understanding how Tinder works. They also like my current girlfriend much more than my previous one, whom I met organically at a Jewish singles event. Depends on when, what line. Early morning on the silver line? Probably have enough time to spit some game. Red line at 5: While on a tinder date at a bar, my date had a meet cute with the bartender. Modern romance is a lie.

Watching a Tinder date slip into the arms of another is like a starving man watch a doughnut be incinerated. Hahaha not a threat if I deliver on it and like fed ex i always deliver.. Archive Advertise with us. Picture the following scenario for a blind date twenty years ago Now picture the modern blind date scenario: Image via YouTube Email this to a friend. Post Grad Brad Recent post grad whose name is Brad. TheRealJesus 2 years ago. Brokerthancollege 2 years ago. Government Slacker 2 years ago.

OkayestAccountant 2 years ago. Derek 2 years ago. Draper 2 years ago. Desk Jockey 2 years ago. HungoverAF 2 years ago. Bill Nye 2 years ago. A lot of great things are happening for me, except for just 1 thing, which honestly, makes me very scared. I graduated from college about a year ago and I was in a fraternity. My time with the fraternity changed who I am and made me see the college lifestyle in a very different light.

It was nuts, and it came to full circle after graduation, where I had to be a lot more responsible in the real world. So ever since I graduated, I ditched my man-whore ways.

I have never loved anyone outside my family, keep in mind. I have been on many dates with almost just as many women with no results. What should I do to get over this obstacle? Any advice from you or from the commentators would be greatly appreciated, thanks Dillon. Just keep going on dates, man. That happens in person. Big fan of the mailbag and your advice.

This one is dramatic, so prepare yourself. That said, the past few months have been a rollercoaster. Essentially, he was laid off from his job about three months back as a VP.

Like, he has got to be depressed. When I was unemployed for a month earlier this year, I spent it at coffee shops job searching, working out, laying out by the pool and just all around trying to have a life. He does nothing of that sort. Fast forward to the current situation: He has been blackout drunk for the past 12 days.

Not just at night, around the clock.

Dating Apps Aren’t Dead (If You Use Them Correctly)

As you can imagine, my home life has been absolute hell. Every day, I come home from work to find him either passed out or drinking and angry. The other issue here is our lease.

I imagine losing a high-paying job that far into your career could take a serious emotional toll on a person. You obviously care a lot about this dude, so do everything you can for him. Make sure you articulate how serious the problem is and ask them to help you out in getting him in to see a counselor at minimum. This is still fairly new. Good luck and Godspeed. I have a issue that has escalated. Backstory is a year and a half ago one of my best friends started to date this girl.

There was conflict in the beginning as she was being wishy washy like talk to other dudes and disappearing, but he kept pursuing and they eventually started dating. Well after a while the core friends were starting to notice some of the bad behavior still with this girl, but my friend kept ignoring it.

A note about him, he had trouble meeting girls in the past and would get really sad about potential being alone the rest of his life. Well she started to notice that we were noticing, but my friend was still ignoring the signs.

Well about 6 months ago, one of our friends called her out on her BS and because he was a wild card See Drunk she made him believe he was a bad friend for starting false rumors. So the friends group has split. Fast forward to now, he proposed to her and asked me to be the best man.

Every time someone told him some flaky stuff she would do, he would tell her and they would collectively block them out of their lives. Should I get him away and tell him or should I follow bro code and let nature take its course? Any advice would be appreciated. This one is tough to call because you provide zero specifics. Some jabronies from my high school are trying to organize an official class reunion after just 5 years.

We went to a smaller school, so if this thing picks up, most of the class would be expected to show up. High school happens to be where I peaked pgp? Under no circumstances do you guys go rogue and plan an impromptu five-year reunion just to hold onto that brief period in your life when you were a part of actual social circles.

Post grad problems dating apps

The saving grace for you here, though, is that at least you can admit this is a poor decision. Go with your instinct here. The more questions I receive, the better this series is going to be, so send me your Mailbag questions to dillon grandex. The move is to marry him.

This sounds fucked up but keep in mind that money will always outlast humans and especially outlast love. Feelings are terrible things to carry around and they influence poor decision making. In a world this fucked up, you need to be ice cold. Colder than a cold fusion reaction that would provide free, clean, limitless energy to us al….

I went to my 10 year, and it was awesome. Agreed — person class and maybe showed to the 5 year.


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