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Pros And Cons Of Dating A Cop - Part 1

Correctional officers have the duty of overseeing members of society who have been arrested and are awaiting trial, or who have already been convicted of a crime and sentenced to serve time in a jail or penitentiary. With the rate of crime rising in cities across the U. Like every job, there are clearly defined pros and cons to stepping into this line of work. Weighing both positive and negative aspects of this career field will ensure you have made an informed decision. Besides their general pay, corrections officers are allotted a clothing allowance to purchase their own uniforms.

You have to sit back and think.

I wish you all the best of luck on what you do and choose and either youre behind the gates or walking the beat, stay very safe. Originally posted by dandl View Post. Originally posted by Wayne View Post. Thanks a lot I know when the time comes I will make that choice by myself but ur right I'm in the academy now and its looking like the inmates are having a better care when being dealt with and I keep hearing the biggest problems is ur fellow officers that's crazy.

Ive been at rikers over 3 years.

Department of Corrections Employee Reviews for Correctional Officer

PD is without a doubt better. If PD calls you go. Trust me you dont understand until you have been stuck in the jail. You mentioned OT, but it's not what you think. They will stick you after your tour is over of coarse the ot's bang in on Fri and Sat night, or if there is a CO party but you dont find out your stuck until you reach the podium.

Then some old timer will say hey I need money give me the easy house, and give this rookie the adolescence. So you are dead tired from your first worst dorm tour only to go to the other bad dorm for another 8 hours on midnight. However, this mindset also leaves officers vulnerable to job burnout, according to an article posted on the corrections. Officers focus on getting through shifts without incident, but no longer care about what they're doing.

Eventually, the officer loses the ability to empathize with those around him, a phenomenon that's commonly labeled as "compassion fatigue. Correctional officers suffer the second highest mortality rate of any occupation, according to statistics posted by the Maine Department of Public Safety.

Due to the job's unrelenting physical and psychological stresses, the average correctional officer lives just 18 months after retirement. A study of retired correctional and law enforcement personnel in Florida also found similar disparities between both groups of officers and the general population. Overall, Florida residents enjoyed an average lifespan of As a group, correctional officers are more likely to suffer significant psychological stress.

The emotional control needed to handle assaults, inmate confrontations and other institutional realities also means no psychological reprieve for the officer who works in such environments, according to "CorrectionsOne" magazine.

Officers can suffer lasting mental trauma that makes it difficult or impossible to separate home and work life.

The Disadvantages of Being a Correctional Officer

The introduction of these stresses into the home also makes itself felt in above average rates for divorce, domestic abuse and suicide. Skip to main content.

State corrections officers receive adequate sick days and vacation time.

The amount of time off each corrections officer is entitled to increases with every year of service. With a rising amount of crime in our nation, corrections officers will not be facing downsizing. Employment of correctional officers is projected to grow nine percent between and New prisons are being built each year to accommodate the large number of inmates.

Because of this, new job opportunities and positions as a corrections officer are becoming available.

Pros and cons of dating a correctional officer

Correctional officers in local jails admit 13 million people a year and oversee the , offenders held in jails. Correctional officers in state and federal prison facilities guard the 1. Initial training is long and requires an extensive amount of time away from family.

Advice for COs - Ex Con gives advice to a Correctional Officer - Prison Talk 9.12

Newly hired trainees typically receive instruction in a multitude of subjects, including institutional policies, regulations and operating procedures, as well as general custody and security standards. New correctional officers working in federal facilities are required to undergo hours of formal training within the first year of employment.

Also, they must complete hours of specialized training at the U. Federal Bureau of Prisons residential training center at Glynco, Georgia, within 60 days of their appointment to a facility. Experienced officers are expected to attend annual in-service training to keep informed about new developments and changing procedures.


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