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Opinion very csgo connection to matchmaking servers not reliable something similar is?

CS:GO - Your Connection to Matchmaking servers is not reliable - 2016

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. When ever I try and connect to a Counter Strike: Global Offensive casual or comp game it gives me this message:. This message has appeared for me several times, and I followed the instructions on this Reddit thread and it's worked for me every time. Quit out of steam fully. Then run it as administrator. After launching steam, assuming you're using Windows , open CMD and type in the following commands:.

Wait, it should have a file missing, let that redownload. Restart steam, restart the game, it should work for most people that way, for me I still got the error, but the file was downloaded correctly If it does not work Close out of game, log off steam.

Csgo connection to matchmaking servers is unreliable

Open up your task manager, there will still be steam programs running. Force close all of them, then restart steam. That is what did it for me, I'm good to go for mm now: If this is happening only with competitive mode, it might be a Ping problem. I assume they must have a control to players with oscilating ping.

To make sure the player won't quit or have his game crashed because of the ping. It's working now, and I hope it stays that way xD. I was talking to him before having created the topic here. I mentioned that it might be a problem with Valve's servers.

Csgo connection to matchmaking servers not reliable

Valve isn't actually known for having the most stable servers in the world. Was just trying to cover all possible basis. View Profile View Posts.

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Iseloom View Profile View Posts. Well I am from Greece I have been playing this game for about a year with no problems Please fix it valve..

Your connection to matchmaking servers is not reliable [ FIXED !!! ]

Devon View Profile View Posts. Last edited by Devon ; 9 Nov, 5: Originally posted by Killer Lyroan View Profile View Posts. Was just about to make a thread like this.


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